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Coronation Champions
07 May 2023
Coronation Champions
We are delighted to have been among the 500 people selected nationally to receive this award. 
05 May 2020
Hedgehog Quiz
While you are in lockdown why not try our Hedgehog Quiz HERE
Rory The Vet
We have had such a brilliant day filming with Rory the vet from the pets factor.
We will be attending this and doing a presentation on all things Hedgehogs. Please join us
Animal Hero Award
30 Sep 2019
Daily Mirror Animal Hero Awards

It’s time to meet our next Young Animal Heroes. What you are about to see started out as a primary school homework project, and turned into something rather more impressive.

Our winners are the dedicated duo of Sophie Smith and Kyra Barboutis.

Sophie and Kyra, both 13, were inspired to help at the age of nine, after hearing that UK hedgehog populations had fallen from 30 million in 1950 to 1.5 million today. 

With the support of their parents, Sophie and Kyra started the Facebook group Hedgehog friendly town, as part of a school project in the summer holidays. 

Kyra’s mum Helen said: “We couldn’t afford to go on holiday that year. Kyra said, ‘What am I going to write about when I go back to school next year?’ It started as that.” 

Now they have spaces in their sheds and back gardens where they take care of injured hedgehogs. They have also enlisted local vets to help with medical support. 

Sophie and Kyra also care for abandoned baby hedgehogs – hoglets – who need feeding frequently, requiring the girls to tend to them immediately after school, into the evening and again at 6am. 

They have given many of their patients funny names, including Bruce Quillis, Amy Spinehouse, David Hasselhog, Hoggy Willoughby, Dick Van Spike and Quilliam Shakespeare. 

This year the pair successfully lobbied housing developer Taylor Wimpey to remove netting from hedges. It was used to prevent birds nesting during building work, but the girls argued it would trap hibernating hedgehogs, and have a devastating impact on wildlife. 

What a remarkable pair!
Animal Magazine
Animals Magazine
Delighted to be featured in animals and you magazine . It's a fabulous magazine for the younger generation .We particularly liked the "which pug are you quiz?" 
Anyone made the hedgehog biscuits yet ? We would love to see your creations
RSPCA Awards
27 Jun 2019
RSPCA Young Honours Award
Can't believe we were awarded the #rspcahonoursawards Young Person of the Year at the RSPCA Awards evening. It truely was an amazing night and we loved every second of it. We met so many inspirational people who are so passionate about animals and wildlife. It's been a busy week in the rehabilitation centres too and 16 hedgehogs have come through our care and we named 2 hoglets Honour & Award to mark the occasion.
Holly and Phil
ITV This Morning
We had an amazing day yesterday doing a live link to Holly and Phil on This Morning raising awareness is so important

Dr Jane Goodall
Dr Jane Goodall
We were so fortunate to have been invited to theJane Goodall's Roots & Shoots Program s awards day and overwhelmed to have been given the award of 
Most outstanding group in touch with nature 

Dr. Jane Goodall is the most inspiring lady ,being given this recognition shows that anyone can make a difference and we will continue to work hard to make her proud .
BBC News Taylor Wimpey Hedges
08 Mar 2019
Taylor Wimpey Hedges
After seeing the extent of the netting in the local area the girls took to social media to voice their concerns.  They met with Taylor Wimpey and the local councillor Kate Rolfe between them they managed to come to an agreement to make the area hedgehog friendly.
Pride Awards 2019
Girls have been nominated for 2 awards. Young achiever & educator. We dont know who nominated us but have been told it was quite a few people so thank you so so much . Here is a rare picture of the mums with the girls. 
03 Feb 2019
Rec Swimming Pool

Such a massive success story .
At the begining of last year on a litter pick we met Jon the #parkranger for Stratford upon Avon recreational grounds. He admitted the summer before many hedgehogs had fallen into the paddling pool, a lot dying in the process. The girls measured up and asked the lovely older gentlemen at the Mens Shed Stratford upon Avonto make them a ramp. Jon who works alongsideStratford upon Avon District Council puts the ramp in every evening and removes it everyday . He has had no hedgehog casualties . 
We have picked up lots of hedgehogs from that area with lots of ailments , abandoned hoglets, poorly adults, a broken leg , trapped in netting and dehydration from becoming trapped in a shed but none from the pool.
All of these were released back to the area
Observer Article
01 Feb 2019
Observer News Paper
ITV Central News
27 Jul 2018
ITV Central News
ITV Central News have just been and interviewed the girls on how busy they are due to the heat wave. The hoglets and hedgehogs happily posed for the camera with their super cute twitchy noses.
Spring watch Wild Academy with Chris Packham
13 Jun 2018
BBC Springwatch Wild Academy
The girls had a fabulous time at the Sherborne Estate filming for the BBC Springwatch Wild Academy.

They met and filmed with Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan and saw behind the scenes of how the Springwatch programmes are produced.
Presentation at Sitel
31 May 2018
Presentation at Sitel
The girls had an amazing morning giving a presentation at Sitel.

They were completely overwhelmed that Sitel had been fundraising for them and the money has been used to buy an intensive care unit.

Thank you so much

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